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Easy and Gorgeous 3D Paper Tulips
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins

Here is a perfect spring craft project for kids of all ages! This Easy and Gorgeous 3D Paper Tulips craft comes together in a matter of moments to create an amazingly beautiful gift for a mom for Mother's Day.

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Servings: 12 Paper tulips
Author: The Farm Girl Blog
  • 12 - color construction paper
  • 1 - scissors
  • 1 - clear tape
How to Make 3D Paper Tulips
  1. Using a regular 8½x11 paper, fold the left corner down to the right side. Make sure the right corner is creased at the very tip. Using scissors cut out the bottom rectangle part of the paper. You should end up with a perfect square of paper ready for a tulip project.
  2. Then fold the upper left corner to the lower right corner, and then unfold.
  3. Repeat the same step just with opposite corners upper right corner to the lower left corner, and then unfold.
  4. Fold the square paper in half, and then unfold again.
  5. Next, bring the left and right creases to the center and the paper should collapse into a triangle.
  6. Fold both the left and the right corners to the top corner. Flip the tulip over and repeat the same steps.
  7. Finally, insert the right flap into the left flap as much as possible. Flip the tulip over and repeat the same step with the other side.
  8. Spread the flaps apart. Hold both flaps and gently blow some air into the opening for the tulip to open up.
  9. Fold down the tulip petals.
How to Make Tulip Stem
  1. Using half of the 8½x11 green color construction paper, roll the paper into a small tube to represent a tulip stem.
  2. Insert the stem into the tulip opening (where you had to blow into for the tulip to puff up).
  3. You may use different colors of construction paper to make a beautiful bouquet of tulips. Place tulips into the pint jar or a small vase.